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So... What is NoahSanctuary? This story started over 20 years ago with HomeAway Ranch…

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It all started with Bettye Murphy - a great lady dying of cancer, and her devotion to animals…

Living her last days on 30-some acres of gorgeous woods and pastures - “God’s Country,”

… in the outskirts of the lovely little German town of Boerne, Texas

Bettye’s, Vicky’s & Micky’s desire to protect and care for the Wildlife of the Texas Hill Country grew,

and grew,

and grew,

and grew,

and grew,

and grew,

and has never stopped growing …

The next thing you know, HomeAway Ranch became
A Certified Wild-life Refuge!

Then… Sadly, Bettye passed on

But Vicky and Mickey vowed to continue the tradition!

First Lucy the miniature donkey rescue, then Tony her son …

The African Boer Rescues…

Bella the old pony..,

Then the horses… First Montasia, the “Crazy Arab”; then Little Mimosa, the miniature horse, And Zeus the “Cribbing Racehorse”… And so on…

Then came "Bubba Luv", the miniature Pig that turned out not to be so miniature,

And the Chocolate Bethlehems whose "daddy" died,

Then of course "Hansel & Gretel",
the adorable pair of
Very Friendly

Ooops…..HomeAway Ranch had also become A Sanctuary for "Unusual Pet" Rescues needing a "Forever Home" You get the picture, right?

Then, a Couple of Years Ago… The Story Grew: Unexpectedly, they met "Ritchie", an Exotic Bird rescuer who helped them understand their true calling

Their passion was contributing to the Endangered/ Exotics' Rescue & Rehabilitation effort !

SO, ON MARCH, 3, 2020

Fast forward… to a fortress with over an acre of Aviaries!

Today: You can count on finding Vicky, Micky and their volunteers there on the ranch, devoted to caring for,

providing natural, healthy food,

excellent medical care, loving therapy

and working on building ever-better homes in nature where... ... Over 200 Animals can live together in harmony!!