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Our Country has a crisis few know about...
Each year, thousands of innocent people…. just like you,
fall victims to the “Unconventional Pets” trade...

At first it’s all lots of FUN, taking home these
Unusual, Cute, Beautiful & Exotic Animals,
under the false promise that they can be "easily trained"
much like housebreaking a dog or litter-box training a cat...
And just as easy to care for...

At first, their humans give them lots of attention, like a new toy!
And it seems it will go “just swell”
But most always, it ends the same…

Since most people have to go to work, have busy lives &
don’t have that much time to dedicate to them,
They suffering miserable lives,
locked up in apartments or cages, “prisons” way too small for them to be happy…
Alone most of the day, without any of their kind
for companionship, nor anyone to “mate” / bond with…
They become so frustrated and sad… that they begin to go mad!
Screaming, violent & even suicidal
Poor Buyers find this is nothing they expected,
They just don’t know what to do.
So each year, the vast majority of these good people,
Who’ve tried hard to make their unusual pets happy,
are disappointed, disillusioned & frustrated to find
they  are simply not able to deal easily with that "unusual pet,"
which is now very demanding, difficult and scary!

And Each Year,
the vast majority of these "unusual pets" suffer the consequences  
of these well-intentioned - but untrained - attempts at domestication.
Their “owners” must rehome them or they will end up
either in the garage…  or a corner of the yard,
feeling neglected and abandoned
Victims of good intentions, but poor understanding
of what they really need:  which is